Sand sculpture The Calusa (/kəˈluːsə/ kə-loo-sə) were a Native American people who lived on the coast and along the inner waterways of Florida’s southwest coast

A real catnap.

Daytona beach

 This Is Amazing…. Infinite loop – can you find the beginning or the end?

This Is Amazing…. Infinite loop – can you find the beginning or the end?


coffee-guitar asked:

Hey, just wanted to say that you've got some really awesome photos, you're a great photographer. I'm a Floridian myself, so I love them that much more!


Thank you very much for the compliment. You made my week.

Very early in the morning kayak fishing for largemouth bass

Anhinga is a water bird of the warmer parts of the Americas. Using their sharp bills, anhingas spear fish, flip them in the air and swallow them head-first. Sometimes they spear them so hard they have to return to shore with the fish still on their bill, and bang the fish off on a rock. The eye color shown above is only evident during breeding season. (Everglades National Park)

A full moon, a shooting star and a red flashlight.

The runner was safe. The umpire called him out. Bad call!!!!!!!!!

Canoes at Fisheating Creek Florida – Fisheating creek is the only naturally flowing water source feeding into Lake Okeechobee.  All other sources have dams and dikes built to control the flow of water. Going to Fisheating Creek is like stepping back in time. The name Fisheating Creek is derived from the Seminole name for the stream, Thlothlopopka-Hatchee, which is translated as “the river where fish are eaten”.  There is evidence that people have lived in the Fisheating Creek area since 1000 BC